Daily Life

Get up.

Shower. Dress. Fix the bed.

Feed the dogs.

Find breakfast. Throw together something for lunch.

Off to work. 45 minutes in the car.

8 hours on the job.

45 minutes back home.

Supper. Dishes. Laundry or cleaning the house.

Bed. Set the alarm for tomorrow….

With so much life giving stuff going on, its hard to imagine the “deeper stuff” getting lost….

Most of us in the same boat, at the end of the day. We have full times jobs, spouses, obligations, responsibilities. (And I don’t have any kids in the mix yet! I can only imagine…)  So many things that take time, energy, and consume space in our minds. And all of a sudden you realize that your “dream” has turned from making a difference in the world to having a spotless home, clean laundry, or – for the love of pete! – to have your husband put his dishes in the dishwasher. One has to wonder when dishes in the dishwasher and perfect homes replaced all those bigger, deeper dreams.

Now don’t get me wrong. A good home, cleanliness, all that other stuff. There’s nothing wrong with it in and of itself. It just seems that it sneaks up and becomes the overwhelming focus of these little, boxed in lives we hardly realize we are living. When did we trade in the big dreams, and hopes, and desires? Or are the little things, the things we never noticed while staring at the clouds, the things that matter more?

Perhaps the meaning is where we find it. Perhaps doing the small things well – intentionally – can be just as meaningful as doing the “big” things.

Perhaps its at least worth a try.



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