Embrace your NOW

Sometimes I realize that I take all the small / mundane / habitual parts of life and act like they aren’t my “real life”.

Apparently “real life” is what I dream about, or how I envision the future, or something that will be happening sometime in the proverbial tomorrow, which is why I just have to get past all these pesky todays. I don’t see very much value in the things that comprise my today – the people I encounter, the tasks to be done, the sun that rose and set, all the little, little things that I sometimes start to blame for keeping me from the ever greater tomorrow that’s just around the corner.

In highschool, we can’t wait to finally graduate and move on with adult life.

In college, it can feel like such a grind with classes and part time jobs, and just waiting for that day you can start you career.

1st job out of the gate…well, its not the job you really hoped for, so you’re just getting by with it till you get the real job you want.

1st place you live on your own…well, its a rental, and one day you’ll have a house that’s really yours.

My body. Right now? Today? Yes well, I’m going to start working out, lose 30lbs, get so toned / tanned / perfect. I just need to get to that point to really love my body.

All these future things that are going to be better are what we get caught up. What I get caught up in. Heaven forbid I embrace my current job and invest in my coworkers I see every day. Or plant a little garden at my rental because it will give me joy in the many days ahead I WILL be living here. Or love the body I have today. The one I woke up, not the one that will be crafted at some future date that has always sounded suspiciously like “12 weeks down the road”.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that “tomorrow” is never coming to any of us. We’ll go to bed, and wake up with another “today”. The best thing we can do is to begin to embrace the NOW we are each living. You can still recognize the faults in it, plan for your future, dream about your potential. It wouldn’t be healthy to take that away. But you can also recognize that today – all the people, the things, the places – those are your real life.

Those are the things you can reach out and impact today.

Embrace your NOW.


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