A Little Bit Different

Oftentimes, when my husband and I are both home from work in the evenings, we’ll watch an episode of something, or pop in a movie. Its a relaxing way to wind down together, and the cuddles and movie snacks don’t hurt either.

After a while, the movie ritual had become so much a part of our routine that it isn’t even a question of “if” we want to watch a movie, but “what” movie do we want to watch. (And sometimes, that is exactly what we need!)

But other times…we need to break out of the mold and do something a bit more…intentional together.

Tonight I brought home Chinese takeout, so I figured a movie was a given. As I cleared up the dishes (i.e. threw the boxes in the trash) my husband surprised me by saying we should play games.

Games? We have not played games as a couple in a long time. Since we’ve lived in this house, in fact. But thankfully I’m organized enough that I actually know where the games are, even though they are used much less than they should be.

So I dug out the games, and we played. And I realized that card games are awesome because we can talk about anything and everything, and be competitive, and still have snacks. I guess I already knew that (I come from a long line of game playing relatives), but the knowing of it was renewed as my husband and I made our way through countless rounds of Dutch Blitz and Phase 10.

So next time you go to start “your” usual evening routine, stop for just a second. Look around. And maybe you’ll find a little something different that will brighten up your day in unexpected ways.


Are you one of those folks that doesn’t have any games? Well here’s the things. They are cheap, and they are available!




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