Life-giving or Time-sucking?

E-mails. Twitter. Instagram. Facebook. Pinterest. Television. Movies. YouTube. Texting.

All these things vying for your attention, asking for just 10 seconds…then you look up 20 minutes later, with no idea where the time went. Why is it so tempting to shut out our own lives in dive into someone else’s for vast amounts of time every day/week/month/year? Since when did we become people who would spend our own precious time pinning things we’ll likely never do, creeping on pictures of people we never really see and have no real connection to, and getting totally absorbed in the lives and backstories of created sitcom characters who don’t give a thought about who we are?

Somehow its become the new normal to invest large amounts of time soaking all these fantasies up (because yes, perfect crafts and foods and edited glossy Facebook or Instagram personas can all be condensed to a bit of fantasy in the end).

Do these things change us? Make us better? Lift us higher?

Or do they wrap us in a cloak of ignorance, darkness, fooling us into thinking we are forging connections while ultimately puller us farther away from true human companionship and friendship.

When I’m using social media and interacting online I often enjoy it, in the moments that fly by. But when I shut down my screens, and log-out of my sites, if I really stop to think about, I don’t feel renewed.

I don’t usually come back to reality feeling refreshed, invigorated, challenged to be more.

Maybe next time I want to check Facebook I will. But maybe I’ll set a 10 minute timer. And when I’m done? I’ll go do something I know to be life-giving.

Because we only have so much time in this world, and I don’t want to look up from my screen one day and realize its all over.


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