Over an 8 day period I haven’t missed a day yet!

(For the critiques…some of my late evening posts delayed and technically went up around 3am…I assure you I was sleeping at that time and my post was from the previous day.)

Some people may not find 8 days of posting very inspiring, but for me its a pretty good sized step. Most of my previously started blogs have had around 8 posts over a 12 month period, then faded into such an oblivion I couldn’t even find them if I wanted to.

So what’s different about this one? 

For one thing, I’m committed. Whether my post is deep or shallow, long or short, I committed to writing something every day for 30 days. After the 30 days I plan to build the blog into something a bit more structured, but right now I think the important thing is just to WRITE. So I apologize for the perceived randomness (and rambling) you may find, especially in my beginnings. To give you hope for my future (and to keep me accountable for actually crafting a more structured future), here a few of my percolating ideas.


Marriage Mondays – May 18 will mark my 1 year wedding anniversary, and of course its got me thinking more about marriage. And since my marriage is a place I would love to see intentionality, I’ve been thinking of perhaps creating a weekly space to put some intentional thought into what it is, how it works, what the hang ups are, and all that other jazz.

Forward Thinking Friday – A place to examine things of the future, whether they be specific hopes & dreams, ways to pay it forward, preparing for future generations, shaping who we will be tomorrow…..basically just a weekly post to remind us all to look forward.

Mostly the writing in these segments would be mine, but I would also see them as a place to work in articles / videos / etc from other writers or artists. We’ll see what happens!


I am a book lover, and I usually read a couple books a month. So in that spirit, I may add a book review segment. The goal would be to add one solid review to it each month, but I would probably also throw in reviews I come across that I like, books I would like to read, and maybe even a few book snippets if I find them thought provoking.


For the general future I plan to keep posting daily, even if the articles aren’t always amazingly high quality. Again, it backs to the practice of writing and sharing in a habitual way….if I let myself digress into only a few posts a week I know it will soon turn into….”oh yeah. that one blog. i don’t even remember what my password would be to that….”. And that is what I am currently trying to avoid at all costs.

Once I get into more of a rhythm with structure, I plan to create an editorial calendar so I know what I’ll be posting and when. It may not be perfect, and I certainly am not aiming for rigidity, but I think it will help give a sense of reason and cohesiveness to the blog that will be vital in its ability to stay alive in the longterm.

I’m sure other ideas will come to me, and I may not even use anything I’ve included here.

But my mind is turning, and that’s what matters most.


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