What does Love look like?

How do you tell another person what they mean to you?

Lately I’ve gone through a little spat of celebrations – the birthday of a friend, Mother’s Day, my first wedding anniversary, my dad’s birthday – and I’ve been struck again and again with how blessed I am to have been surrounded in so many facets of my life by such amazing people. They are gifted, talented, wise, comforting, care, protecting, strong – and they each, in their own way, have impacted my life, affected who I am today as a person.

And its hard to find a card that expresses all the right sentiments.

Hard to do them justice in a phone call, no matter how lengthy or in depth it is.

Then I realize that there will never be the perfect words to express this kind of  love. This kind of love Рappreciation, respect, admiration Рis better when shown.

If these people mean all this to me, I will have time for them. Remember them. Hurt with them. Laugh with them. Hope with them. Dream with them. Pound down doors, and walk through the rain, and crumple into corners. Because really, love isn’t words.

Love is action.


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