365 Days

1 year. 12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days.

That’s how long ago it was when my husband was not yet my husband.

When we stood at an altar, before our friends, family, and God, and publicly vowed to remain together forever.

Some days I feel frustrated, pent up, like a child kicking the back of the seat, asking plaintively “Has it been forever yet?”

And other days – more days than the “some days” above – I wish against all hope that time would slow down, because I don’t know if forever is going to be long enough to be married to this man, and I savor every second, knowing that these moments in time will never come back again.

So here we are – our 1 year anniversary.

To some that’s hardly a drop in the bucket. To others, it may sound like a remarkable milestone. To us, it represents the first of what will be many, many years, and we choose to celebrate the moment, treasure the past, and anticipate the future as we stand together, married.

So to my husband – you are my heart. I love you.

Here’s to a 100 more!



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