Simple. Peaceful. Joyful.

Simple. Peaceful. Joyful.

Summed up with words like that, it sounds so….easy. 

But somehow, its hard. So very hard. I look back on my last week and I know that I made things more complicated than they need to be, made choices that didn’t make me feel healthy or good, and got sucked into activities that do more life draining than life giving. I started fights over stupid things, chose to be petty when I could have chosen to not even notice, and read negativity into things that were most likely just meant to be neutral. 

What I’m saying is, I got bogged down.

But I realize that a lot of the so called “bog” is of my own making.

I overcomplicate, over exaggerate, over extend. 

Over do.

So my goal for this summer is to stop myself.

When I want to commit to one more thing that I don’t really want to do anyways…stop.

When I get an e-mail that I find making me defensive and worked up and choose to read it as negative and aimed at me personally…stop.

When my husband says something, and I know he did not mean it hurtfully but I choose to interpret it that way…stop.

When I find myself investing in things that bring no joy, peace, or simplicity to my life…stop.

And when I do stop, I’ll fill in the void with something different.

Gratitude. Positivity. A good book.



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