Editorial Calendar

Today I made an editorial calendar!

Its just a basic monthly calendar, printed out onto white printer paper, with the dates written in blue permanent marker.

Nothing too impressive. 

But it got me excited, to think beyond just stream of consciousness type meanderings and into a future with much more structure and intentionality. Right now I’m still in my “getting into the habit” phase, and I feel great about just getting posts out, high quality or not! But that’s no way to grow, so I look forward to kicking off a bit more structure in the upcoming months.

Setting goals and making plans inspires me to think big and dream big!


A little extra insight into my day…..I fantasized about my dream job. Here it is.

I would work for a wealthy person who has a huge library, with a fireplace and all leather-bound books. They would hire me to come to their home and read the books (because no one wants a library filled with unread books). There is also a bit about fresh flowers, smoothies, and the occasional venture to the bookstore to peruse more books to take home to the library. But mainly I would just read.


Now accepting all reasonable offers.


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