Jobs – They’re What You Do

Today concluded with a pineapple shake from the local Sonic drive-in and a long talk with my husband about what kind of work, if any, I would or could find meaningful.

I’ve had a lot of different kinds of jobs – direct care, back of the office, physical, mental, rewarding and not so rewarding. 

Its fairly easy to determine what things I have not found to be innately life giving or inspiring to my soul.

More difficult is to locate those things that made me feel alive. So often when we experience the things we love and enjoy it feels so natural we don’t necessarily think to name what it is that we are loving so much. Then the experience slips away, and we know enough to feel dissatisfied with less, but not enough to be able to reclaim what it is, exactly, that we lost.

That’s where I’m stuck now. I can name lots of things I don’t like in a job (I am realistic enough to know that what ever you do in life, there will have to be things that aren’t favorites..), and I know there are things in life that I have done and loved, but I can’t seem to nail down what those “loved” things are in a tangible way that will help me refind them in the form of a career I feel passionate about.

Where are you in the process?

How did you find what you love to do? Did you use trial and error, or did you “just know”?

If you don’t like your job….why do you still have it? What are you doing to change that?


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