Beautiful wedding, so excited to see a perfect couple get married!

and even more excited to see my own husband tomorrow!


Tomorrow is the wedding of the century and I am thrilled to be a part!!

and then back to my husband!

Hello, Goodbye

The joys of seeing friends this week is slowly morphing into the sorrow of saying goodbye to those same friends.

As much as I love my life in Texas, and as much as I believe I am, overall, in the right place, it still hurts to say goodbye and not know when our next meeting time will be. Maybe months, maybe a year, maybe more than a year. There’s really no telling.

So I say goodbye, and my heart hurts, and I trust that there will, one day, be another day for gathering.


Time with friends a blessing I cannot desrcibe.

In my college days these were women I loved, cherished, and in some ways took for granted. Dorm life leads to the feeling that your friends will always be there – and there means right next door.

I still believe my friends will always be there for me, but now there means Seattly, Minneapolis, and St. Paul, while I live in Texas. Distance is hard, and during my 10 days here I am reveling in the amount of time I have been blessed to spend with them.

So if you live near to your friends – take a second and give them a call. Set up a friend date. And value that presence, because it may not allows be available to you as freely as it is now.