Hello, Goodbye

The joys of seeing friends this week is slowly morphing into the sorrow of saying goodbye to those same friends.

As much as I love my life in Texas, and as much as I believe I am, overall, in the right place, it still hurts to say goodbye and not know when our next meeting time will be. Maybe months, maybe a year, maybe more than a year. There’s really no telling.

So I say goodbye, and my heart hurts, and I trust that there will, one day, be another day for gathering.


Time with friends a blessing I cannot desrcibe.

In my college days these were women I loved, cherished, and in some ways took for granted. Dorm life leads to the feeling that your friends will always be there – and there means right next door.

I still believe my friends will always be there for me, but now there means Seattly, Minneapolis, and St. Paul, while I live in Texas. Distance is hard, and during my 10 days here I am reveling in the amount of time I have been blessed to spend with them.

So if you live near to your friends – take a second and give them a call. Set up a friend date. And value that presence, because it may not allows be available to you as freely as it is now.