Last night I stayed up until 1:30am applying for a job I may or may not be 100% qualified for. The salary is almost double what I’m making now (not that I’m making tons of money right now…but still), and the position itself seems to be comprised of many elements of what I’ve identified as areas of personal areas passion.

It would allow me to work with inmates / be back in contact with the correctional setting.

It would give me an opportunity to rally volunteers and create opportunities and programs for them.

I would have the chance to work from home a day or two every week (flexibility!).

I would get to work with DFW area ministers and  churches, and create a network.

In short, it ties together some of my favorite job areas (correctional officer & youth counselor in prison and a juvenile center), combine that with my faith and love for people who do ministry (dad’s a pastor, husbands a pastor, I feel for the struggle that that can be), and allows me to be involved in creating and maintaing volunteer groups (something I LOVED when I served as Service Chair with ICC back in MN).

Will I get the job?

Heck, will I even get an interview?

There’s no telling, I guess. I put more heart into my cover letter than I ever have before, and I desire this position in a way I haven’t felt towards a lot of good sounding “other” jobs I’ve looked in to. The last time I felt this way about an open position was when I read about the Service Committee opportunity on the InterCorps Council; when I was accepted onto the committee, and went on to be its Chair, I realized I loved creating, organizing, and developing volunteer bases, and that I love connecting with places that desperately need volunteers to make their programming work.

So heres to trying – putting in the effort – reaching just a little higher than is comfortable.

I’ll keep you posted.


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