Writing 101, Interesting Person

Today’s challenge: Write about the most interesting person I’ve met in 2014.

The most interesting person I’ve met this year stands below 5 feet tall and would be lucky to weigh 75 pounds.

He is a self-proclaimed “master” of bowling, karate, and soccer, although he admits his skills are a bit rusty in all three.

His hair is a wild mess of curls, spiraling off into wispy tendrils that do just about anything but lie flat.

His hefty imagination and love for chatting allowed him to lead us both through a maze of wondrous tales, which involved a great deal of heroics on his part, with occasional amendments when the facts began to get a bit too twisted. However it ended, he was sure to come out on top.

He regaled me with such a variety it was a bit to hard to keep everything straight, but some of his better opening lines included “Did you notice how soft the inside of my shoes are?”, and “My mom had a cramp today and that was too bad”. Each line of questioning I presented him with gave him no pause – he simply molded the story to fit whatever fantasy crossed his mind.

Of course he was a child – a precocious, precious, sweet 5 year old who seemed to genuinely enjoy our visit. By the end he was so satisfied with the depth of our friendship that he seriously enquired as to why I had not been in attendance at his kindergarten graduation, to which I had to deeply apologize for being tied up at work. No matter that I hadn’t even met him the week prior when he had graduated. Now that we were friends, it was clear he expected me to have been there.

I hope that in 10 years, or more likely 20 years, he hasn’t become so caught up in the daily grind that he forgets what it is to become best friends with a lady in a bowling alley and regale her with tales that are far from true. 

Imagination keeps the heart young.


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