What I’ve been mulling over lately is the whole issue of prison – who goes, why they go, the impact it has on society at large.

How are families impacted?

Is our commonly held belief that “we” are better off without “them” in society founded on truth? Or is it protective thinking that has kept us from looking past the obvious and really digging into the ramifications of widespread imprisonment, as is currently practiced in the US?

The info graphic is just to get me started…and I’ve been working up some rough drafts of what I’d like to look into in regards to the prison situation!

Stay tuned,



What is prison all about?

3 thoughts on “What is prison all about?

  1. Well if you are interested in knowing what it is like in prison then Joewriteshiswrongs is a great blog to follow as you will read about what it is like daily for an incarcerated man trying to better himself while surrounded by constant chaos and negativity.

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