Common reasons people agree with the death penalty are related to the idea that it acts as a warning to other criminals and deters crime, that it saves money (as opposed to life sentences), and that it is only carried out on truly evil criminals that are convicted beyond shadow of a doubt.

However, there have been no research studies that have proven a correlation between the death penalty and reduction in crime. At best, we can make the assumption that somehow it makes a difference, at worst we must acknowledge that it really plays no role in reducing crime.

Death penalty cases usually cost millions of dollars more than life incarceration – we don’t save any money by utilizing the death penalty, and in fact end up creating more of a burden for overtaxed court systems, as the death penalty involves hundreds of hours of appeal cases.

Finally, it has been found that 4% of inmates on death row are actually innocent.
Innocent – let that sink in.
DNA testing advances in recent years has led to the freeing of 4% of our death row inmates, who otherwise would have been executed for crimes they did not commit.

Something to think about…


Death Row – The Ultimate Punishment

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