Missed two days due to forgetting about posting, and figured it didn’t matter anyway.

Was super encouraged and blessed when someone near and dear to me asked me about why I hadn’t posted, and told me that they missed reading my posts, even though they are often short and not that amazing.

So mostly for myself, but in little ways also for those who like to read them, I will carry on. 🙂

Also, in the interim I turned another year older!


Today I realized that I was tucking an uncashed check into my book, purely because there is a chance I will forget to bring “it” to work with me tomorrow (and subsequently to the bank), but I can rest assured I will remember my book.

Nasty car accident coming home from work today, and I caught myself getting caught up in how “annoying” it is to sit in traffic.

Finally caught myself and got some perspective…someone has a totaled car and left that very stretch of road in an ambulance tonight, and I got to go home safely.

Lately I’ve had some ups and downs, in the emotional sense. I’ve had those my whole life, so really not much of a story there.

However, this is the first time in my lifetime of ups and downs that I’ve been married, and that is a bit different.

Its hard to slam around and feel anger pouring through you…and be eating a nice lunch with my husband. Or trying to sleep. Or really anything.

Or to feel knocked down and negative and filled with everything that brings…and try to feel good about your marriage, spouse, job…basically your life.

So now I have to take the moods I’ve always been able to bring home and deal with in private, and learn to deal with them very much with someone else always present.

Its a work in progress, that’s one way to frame it.

Anyone ever have a fractured tailbone?

Well that happened to me years ago, and although I haven’t had a flare up in a long time, I’m struggling with it this week.

Not sure what to do, other than wait it out. Tried icing and IBU, but no luck so far.

In a popular smart phone game I’ve been playing lately, there is a high speed sequence in which you are flying through the air picking up coins, which occasionally change tracks. You can stay in the same track or do your best to pick up all the coins.

I find that if I focus a little bit ahead – to what the next step will be – I do the best.

If I only look where I am now, I switch lanes too late.

When I focus too far ahead to what’s ahead, I switch too early.

Being aware of where I am, and what the next step will be, sets me up to perform the best. I respond more accurately, and gain more “coins”.

At least in my phone game. 🙂

Montessori education is my latest interest, due to the fact that homeschool may not be a financially accessible option.
I know kids can get through public school just fine, but I don’t see it as an optimal learning situation.
Extracurricular? Yes. Educational? Not so much.

What are your thoughts?