Generational Friendships

Today we went out with one of Joe’s co-workers and her husband. We swam, played volleyball in the pool, grilled salmon burgers, and played games.

It was enjoyable; we laughed and talked and lost track of time.

And now I’m home, contemplating multi-generational friendships.

You see, the couple we enjoyed so much are nowhere near our life stage or age. They could literally be our parents, their children are older than us and moved out of the house, and they have grandkids. Joe & I are newly weds, with no children, still in our early 20’s. Could we be in more different life stages?

And we had a great time together.

Is that strange? In a world where we often segregate ourselves by age or life status, (groups for moms, seniors, military, college aged, married, single, etc) we often lose out on the benefits that can be gained by living life with people who are significantly older or younger than us.

I think its wonderful.


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