Today a friend told me a story about his little son, who remained in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, for almost 5 minutes after he had finished his business and flushed.

When finally asked what he was doing in the bathroom if he was done pooping, he answered “Doing what you do, daddy”. His understanding of using the restroom was that adults (who, according to him, take a long time), just spend the extra time sitting and thinking, so that’s what he decided to do as well.

Kids are constantly looking around them, using adults as examples of what they need to do and to be as they grow up. Sometimes the examples they choose to follow aren’t necessarily things that make sense, but they innocently follow through anyways, sure that by simply “doing” the action they’ll be on the right path.

What things in my life are things I simply do because I assume they’ll put me on the right path, regardless of how effective they ultimately are?


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