When I started this blog, I felt I was pent up, with things to say that I couldn’t really share – personal and world real related – and I needed a place to write what was on my mind and heart.

I also committed to posting every day through July 31, which is why sometimes the posts may seem short, dumb, or both. Because whether its thought provoking, or long winded, or two short sentences, I wanted to make it habit, and to give myself a chance to see what would come.

And now, quite frankly, I feel perhaps the things that were going through my head are never going to be developed enough to write down, and that I don’t really have that much to share. Disappointing, I know.

I’ll keep posting, because I want to. But I feel frustrated, as if there is never enough time, and I don’t get to really dig into deeper things that I wish I could write about.

Maybe one day, I suppose.


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