Just struggling lately.

Money – Never enough.
Time – Never enough.
Work drama – Always overflowing.

I have a four year degree, and after taxes and insurance get pulled from checks I’m making $22,000 a year….less per year than the cost per year of my degree. For a job that requires no real skills that require a degree. Nice.

And my husband works his tail off on a job he loves in a profession that doesn’t pay well at all….another easily $22,000 a year.

Of course there are student loans, and some credit card debt from the wedding/move, and two months left on a car loan.

And groceries. And the Dr. bill because being low on money does not equal high on health. And car insurance. And just on and on.

It gets overwhelming and discouraging and depressing and it’s just too much somedays. You can only struggle along and never get anywhere for so long before you’re exhausted and broken down.

But I have my dogs that I love to cheer me up, and the man that I married to hold me and help me, and one day it will be different. Better. Less of a struggle.



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