More class…

Still in class; can hardly believe this is the last week! 

As exhausting as it has been (no free time, no blogging, no exercising) it’s been really good too. I might even miss it a little when it’s over 🙂

AND Joe is coming home a few days early and I’ll see him tomorrow!!



Never had my feet and back hurt this bad. Oofda. 

Glad for cuddles from the little guy tonight.  


Course Change


A large and amazing change occurred yesterday. 

First things first – I had verbally accepted a position with Universal Academy, which I felt good about overall. They said they would get me a contract, and all I had to do to be official is sign the dotted line. 

Second – from day one my first choice school was Byrd MS in Duncanville ISD. I loved it when I did observations there, and it’s where I REALLY wanted to be. But they didn’t post any ELAR openings until after I had already accepted a position. 

Third – Byrd requested an interview from me, which I originally was going to reject BUT then I got my contract from UA and they wanted an extended contract with a $5,000 fine to me if I left early. I did NOT feel good about it. 

Fourth – I took the Byrd interview yesterday and ten minutes after I walked out the door they called and offered me a 7th grade ELAR position!!! The principal even called to congratulate me and tell me the team had raved about me!!

So I went from being annoyed it took UA 3 weeks to send a contract, to shocked at what was in their contract, to a spur of the mement interview at my dream school, to a new job offer!!!! This one feels so right and exactly what I had hoped for. 

Praise the Lord! 

Next up is some more reading and learning! Below are two books on my “wish list” that I found at Barnes & Nobles. 



Yesterday I saw an article about the semi colon tattoo. Yes, a ; tattoo. 

Afraid it was click bait, but curious just the same, I starting reading the article. Immediately I identified. The ; is meant as a symbol of solidarity, of raising awareness, of acknowledging choices made and thoughts had in hard times. 

The idea is simple. When writing, there is a place within a sentence where a writer could put a period and end the sentence. But sometimes the writer uses a semi colon instead, because they know they have more to say. 

It’s a rallying cry for those with mental health disorders, particularly depression and anxiety, and it’s a remembrance of hope, of the beauty implied in each persons “more to say”. It’s also a symbol of solidarity to express alongside those you love who may have had those experiences – an eternal belief that each soul had more to say. 

 If you think your sentence should end with a period today, think again! You, too, have more to say. 


The Door Lady

So here I am…at the door. 

“Hello! Would you like a cart today?”

It’s a long story, but to avoid unemployment for 4 weeks I had to leave my Loss Prevention Detective position and step into a CSA role. Which means I’m the “door lady”, offering a cart, pointing out the bathrooms, and greeting people, some of whom don’t seem to want to be greeted anyhow. 

Honestly, there is a little…embarrassment….in it. A huge demotion, you know? From detective to door lady. 

But on the flip side…there is something nice about it. I can give a smile to everyone who comes in the store. My responsibility level is low, so I can think/dream about my teaching career all shift long. 

My feet ache. It’s not the best job I’ve ever had. But hey – I’m the door lady today.

First Day of Class

Tonight is my first Summer Institute class – so excited!! I love school and books and learning so this is right up my alley. 🙂

It’s also got me thinking about my FIRST DAY OF CLASS as a TEACHER! 

Mind blown. 





I’m preparing to become a teacher. And in no time at all I’ll have my own first day of school that puts me at the front of the room, as the orchestrator and leader of dozens of new 6th graders first days. 

I wish my husband could be there to calm me down and talk me through it, but I know I can do it. 



Believe in yourself. 

And breathe some more. 🙂

Crazy Life

I know I haven’t written in ages. I trust you haven’t held your collective breaths while waiting. 

Life these days. 

I passed my state content test for ELAR 4-8, finishes four online courses, got fingerprinted, and went to quite a few job interviews…..and I’m proud to announce I’m trying newest 6th Grade English teacher at Universal Academy – Coppell!

Tomorrow I start three weeks worth of night classes, and then transition into two weeks of district training, and then….and then my student arrive August 24!

This has been a long time coming, and it’s such a joy to be arriving at the cusp of a new thing! I’ve been reading, researching, listening to podcasts, and watching videos to learn everything I can about the art of teaching, but even so I know much will be first hand, on the fly experience. Bring it on! I’m ready for a new challenge and personal growth!!

I’m going to try to start posting again….I have things to say, you know. 🙂

Hope everyone had a great 4th!!