Crazy Life

I know I haven’t written in ages. I trust you haven’t held your collective breaths while waiting. 

Life these days. 

I passed my state content test for ELAR 4-8, finishes four online courses, got fingerprinted, and went to quite a few job interviews…..and I’m proud to announce I’m trying newest 6th Grade English teacher at Universal Academy – Coppell!

Tomorrow I start three weeks worth of night classes, and then transition into two weeks of district training, and then….and then my student arrive August 24!

This has been a long time coming, and it’s such a joy to be arriving at the cusp of a new thing! I’ve been reading, researching, listening to podcasts, and watching videos to learn everything I can about the art of teaching, but even so I know much will be first hand, on the fly experience. Bring it on! I’m ready for a new challenge and personal growth!!

I’m going to try to start posting again….I have things to say, you know. 🙂

Hope everyone had a great 4th!!



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