The Door Lady

So here I am…at the door. 

“Hello! Would you like a cart today?”

It’s a long story, but to avoid unemployment for 4 weeks I had to leave my Loss Prevention Detective position and step into a CSA role. Which means I’m the “door lady”, offering a cart, pointing out the bathrooms, and greeting people, some of whom don’t seem to want to be greeted anyhow. 

Honestly, there is a little…embarrassment….in it. A huge demotion, you know? From detective to door lady. 

But on the flip side…there is something nice about it. I can give a smile to everyone who comes in the store. My responsibility level is low, so I can think/dream about my teaching career all shift long. 

My feet ache. It’s not the best job I’ve ever had. But hey – I’m the door lady today.


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