Yesterday I saw an article about the semi colon tattoo. Yes, a ; tattoo. 

Afraid it was click bait, but curious just the same, I starting reading the article. Immediately I identified. The ; is meant as a symbol of solidarity, of raising awareness, of acknowledging choices made and thoughts had in hard times. 

The idea is simple. When writing, there is a place within a sentence where a writer could put a period and end the sentence. But sometimes the writer uses a semi colon instead, because they know they have more to say. 

It’s a rallying cry for those with mental health disorders, particularly depression and anxiety, and it’s a remembrance of hope, of the beauty implied in each persons “more to say”. It’s also a symbol of solidarity to express alongside those you love who may have had those experiences – an eternal belief that each soul had more to say. 

 If you think your sentence should end with a period today, think again! You, too, have more to say. 



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