Course Change


A large and amazing change occurred yesterday. 

First things first – I had verbally accepted a position with Universal Academy, which I felt good about overall. They said they would get me a contract, and all I had to do to be official is sign the dotted line. 

Second – from day one my first choice school was Byrd MS in Duncanville ISD. I loved it when I did observations there, and it’s where I REALLY wanted to be. But they didn’t post any ELAR openings until after I had already accepted a position. 

Third – Byrd requested an interview from me, which I originally was going to reject BUT then I got my contract from UA and they wanted an extended contract with a $5,000 fine to me if I left early. I did NOT feel good about it. 

Fourth – I took the Byrd interview yesterday and ten minutes after I walked out the door they called and offered me a 7th grade ELAR position!!! The principal even called to congratulate me and tell me the team had raved about me!!

So I went from being annoyed it took UA 3 weeks to send a contract, to shocked at what was in their contract, to a spur of the mement interview at my dream school, to a new job offer!!!! This one feels so right and exactly what I had hoped for. 

Praise the Lord! 

Next up is some more reading and learning! Below are two books on my “wish list” that I found at Barnes & Nobles. 



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