School starts tomorrow you guys!

My room is mostly ready. My activities are somewhat prepared. Mentally I’m freaking out a tiny bit. 

But the kids are coming!! And I will be there with a smile and it will all work out 🙂


Hope for the Future

Sometimes, even when money is tight and you’re a little anxious about the new steps you’re taking and all the unknowns still coming your way, you still feel so much hope. 

Maybe most people think that’s no big deal, but I’ve had enough hopeless days and nights that the feeling of hope never ceases to delight me. 

Walk it Off

A couple things happening simultaneously:

It is HOT in Texas. Over a 100 and the index is even worst. 

So. Hot. 

I know I NEED to work out and get moving again. Especially now that I’m sitting through training every day and not moving much now at work. 

So. Much. Sitting.

BUT even though I’ve been low in motivation in the workout department in recent weeks, and even though it’s crazy hot, I have been getting out there and moving! The last three days in a row I’ve been out walking about three miles a day, and it feels great!

I definitely come back soaked in sweat and pretty wiped out, but in a good way!
Also, yesterday I got to go to th Dallas Arboretum with my previous camper Ashelyn! She was in the area for a wedding and we got to hang out for the afternoon, which was great. I’ve wanted to see the gardens for a long time, and after we got to hot we splashed in the fountain and sat with our feet in a pool to cool down. 


Becoming a Teacher

Teacher training started yesterday! Being with my  District and in Duncanville is so exciting!

 This process has stretched out so many months, it’s almost hard to believe it’s really happening now. Ready or not, students are coming!

Thinking I’ll need to get myself going into a good routine & schedule before the first day of school so I’m not super tired….training the next two weeks is 8-3:30 and class will be 9-4:30 so it’s helpful to get used to getting up at those times.