This week I’ve done two mini-lessons on success, mostly as a way of practicing our room expectations and easing back into school. If nothing else, I’ve gotten myself thinking! Success can seem idealistic and elusive, but it is grounded in concrete steps – the kind of steps we take every single day.

Too often, we can easily state what we want to achieve – we know what success would look like or mean to us – but we don’t make the necessary plan to really get there. I’ve had rooms full of students who tell me success, for them, would be higher grades, no missing assignments, making the Honor Roll; all manner of wonderful things. If I ask them how they can achieve that, they say vague platitudes – work harder, pay attention, focus. Again, great things, but that doesn’t tell me HOW you are planning to be successful.

What can YOU specifically DO that would bring about success?

Frankly, for most people, success is different than where we are right now. I may have a good job, or feel happy, or enjoy my life overall, but success usually pushes us to work harder and achieve more. Success means you CAN’T keep operating the exact same way, and doing the exact same things. You just can’t. Something – someone – has to change.

YOU have to change. Its simply a necessary element of success. There is no room for stagnation and standing still when you really want to achieve.

Break it down – what are the specific actions you need to take to be successful in your life?

Would success be making more money?

  • Ask for a promotion
  • Get a part-time job
  • Start job searching for higher paying positions
  • Look for ways to add a stipend or make extra pay at your current position, if a raise isn’t an option

You have to come up with some actions to take to prevent this year from being the exact same as last year, and the year after last. You have to take responsibility for the change you hope to see in your life!

I’ve been struggling with some feeling of dissatisfaction, as well as really wanting to write more. Instead of ‘wondering’ if I could make money freelancing, or ‘wondering’ if I could ever complete a book, I’ve decided to take action steps to create the opportunity for success. I’ve started writing. I entered into an opportunity that could allow me to earn money from some of my writing. I’m rekindling my novel idea. Instead of just wishing I had a different employment situation, I’ve made adjustments to set myself up for possible success. Of course I may fall on my face a time or two…but overall, I know good things come from putting yourself out there and believing in the possibility for more.

What would you need to do to experience success this year? Don’t be vague! Come up with a list of actions you could do, and then actually DO them. The only one keeping you from trying is you.

Take the steps. Believe in your capacity to change, grow, and improve.






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