Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about independence, specifically as it pertains to my work life. I think that ANY job could feel stifling when you feel obligated to work it; the knowledge that you must stay where you are, or must keep certain benefits, can suck the joy out of anything, eh?

I’m also getting more in tune with who I am and what I think I would enjoy in terms of work/life balance. Its apparent that I’m very introverted, and as such, jobs that require intensive amounts of people interactions can wear me down quickly. I also have this craving for flexibility, because I would really like to have time to invest in my home. It can be exhausting to work a full time job that is incredibly time consuming (+50 hours per week), be married to someone doing the exact same thing with their job, and feel like no one is truly available to take care of things around the house. There is something about having one half of the couple having some extra availability to take care of extra things around the house that really appeals to me.

So…introverted personality, seeking a career opportunity that allows for flexibility, possibly a work from home option, and minimal amounts of human contact.

What would work well for that?

Here are some of my thoughts:

GoRead – I started a GoRead author’s account for $50 monthly. This generates a monthly revenue stream. It will likely sit between $300-$600 monthly; not really livable, but a step towards freelancing.

Udemy Course Content – Udemy is a content site that allows professionals to create courses on anything of interest – science, math, writing, history, technology, etc – and sell their courses online. It requires the creator to provide video lectures, and mini-assessments for each unit. You don’t have to pay a subscription, and you receive 97% of proceeds from people who sign up via your own link, and 50% of proceeds from those who sign up via Udemy advertising initiatives. No idea what kind of revenue this could bring in – another step towards freelance work

VIP Kids – This is designed as a part-time opportunity for people with teaching qualifications. You commit a minimum of 7.5 hours a week, and make between $14-22 an hour. Teachers committing 4-5 hours a day reported making around $2,000 monthly. The teaching is one-to-one, online, with students in China who are learning English. No matter contact or lesson planning required!

Freelance Work – Many sites offer paid, freelance work if you take the time to track them down. You have to have the initiative and the time to do so, of course, and the income itself is not regulated.

I think what makes me the MOST anxious about pursuing more freelance / flexible work options is that the income might not be as consistent, which would stress me out. Also, the lack of benefits concerns me. But I want to at least give myself a chance to look into a few options that I think would be a better fit for me, my personality, and my family.





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