Developing Yourself

Lately I’ve been following up on quite a few different development options – webinars, e-books, blog posts, and social media expansion. I’ve been pushing myself to make more connections on Twitter and LinkedIn, and have a more active presence there. I’ve also been active daily on my GoRead page. I try to be good about commenting, following, fanning, and posting so that I’m forming connections, not just randomly “liking” people so they’ll like me to. 🙂

Jeff Goin’s work has been great also; I’ve really been enjoying his e-book on becoming a writer, and I know it is what I want. I still feel ‘stuck’ on one thing though – my niche. I’m  not sure what area to focus on, but I can see why it works best to have a focus area. Random articles about life just aren’t enough….I want to have something that I’m working on developing and writing about. Like a field of study, but for my professional writing. Still have to mull that over…

Planning to follow up with some training webinars this weekend, and doing some light reading on how to build your following online. My GoRead site is taking off! I’ve made 14 shares this month (roughly $560 if my shares go for $40 a piece)!


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