Where do you find the time?!

Do you love to read, but find yourself struggling to find the time and energy? I hear you! It can be so hard to make time, even to do something you really want to do. Here are some tips and tricks that have helped me increase the amount I read.

  1. Let your desire guide you

My “lowest” reading year was a year in which I wanted my reading to be academic, and every book I purchased or checked out fit that bill. And I just couldn’t sustain it. My reading lagged, and I had no desire to sit down with the dense tomes I was getting. The following year, I relaxed, and went back to my tried and true approach of simply sensing what I WANTED to read. Some of those books were academic and serious, and some weren’t.

  1. Give yourself permission to abandon a book

Have you ever spent weeks or months slogging through a slow read you’re just not connecting with? It is okay to put it aside! Some of my favorite books have been ones I tried once, abandoned, and came back to later. Don’t feel guilty about moving on to something better suited to your current reality.

  1. Date yourself

One of my dream dates is hours spent in an indie book store, coffee in hand, lost in the stacks. My husband can accommodate occasionally, but it certainly isn’t HIS dream date. Solution? I can create that date for myself. You don’t need someone else to go on an introverts dream date, and going alone can be rejuvenating and refreshing.

  1. Be adventurous

I cannot currently flee the country, time travel, or experience another person’s reality. But I can use books to transport myself into another reality, and by reading adventurously I can have my mind opened to thoughts, opinions, and experiences I may have never experienced before. Reading opens doors!

  1. Reignite your love

Check out or purchase a few of the originals – those books that first lit a spirit in your imagination or captured your heart. Reread them, and just ENJOY them. No pressure, no agenda, no purpose, outside of enjoying the reading experience.


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