Solar Roadways

So the beginning of the video is kind of…juvenile. Not my fave.

Watch the whole thing. Think about it. Its really an amazing idea.
They’ve built in channels that would allow wiring to be all underground, plus channels to route melted snow / rain / excess water into water treatment facilities to decrease the amount of polluted water reentering the eco-system.
AND they use tons of recycled materials to create them.
AND its estimated that if every highway in the USA was converted to this system, it would generate enough electricity to fill our power needs 3x over.
And think about how many jobs would be created. Nothing like a little boost for the economy.

Somehow green initiatives have turned so political and controversial that we don’t always look at them rationally. This isn’t about a political party, and nots even a drama filled way to save the world.

Its innovative. Its practical. It would create new jobs and potentially make us more sustainable as a nation. And who wouldn’t be a fan of that?