Just finished a Jeff Goins webinar about writing content and developing a platform.

He listed five “Platform Personalities”, and encouraged each listener to choose ONE they could really focus on and write in for the next 30 days. The options were:

A. The Journalist (Asking questions and telling other’s stories)

B. The Prophet (Telling the dirty truth)

C. The Artist (Beauty & Connection)

D. The Professor (A thirst for knowledge and sharing information. Must be a reader!)

E. The Star (Extroverted, heart of the party information sharing)

Of these, I think I would be most suited to writing as The Professor, so for the next 30 days I’m going to focus on creating that kind of content for my GoRead.com Author’s Page.


Great webinar filled with information about steps to take to build an audience – really enjoyed it!


Daily Prompt: Year

via Daily Prompt: Year

There is a year behind, and a year before. Having not entirely released 2016, I think I’ll start there.

Behind me lies the end of my FIRST year teaching, which I can confirm I survived! Then there is the start of my second year teaching, which was much smoother, although not without its anxiety producing moments. Included in that is an administration change at my school, and many *new and exciting* changes, some of which I am still adapting to.

My first and only nephew was born, and he is the absolute best! I can’t even describe how precious and wonderful he is. He is growing so quickly, and sometimes my heart aches when I think how much he grows between our sporadic visits.

My brother met a beautiful woman, fell in love, got engaged & married in quick succession, and they announced their impending due date for my first and only niece (in May!) over the holiday season.

My parents have grown and stretched to encompass their 3 new children-in-law, as well as their first grandchild, and of course all the other changes life brings.

Joe is still taking classes to complete his degree, and has even begun applying for Senior Pastor positions! We eagerly wait together to see what is in store for our future. We had some super fun opportunities to try some new things together – glass blowing, Top Flite golf, a David Yarrow exhibition – as well as many of our old standbys – TV show marathons, sushi date nights, bonfires – and I can’t wait to continue into our 4th year of marriage together!

2016 may have been rough on a national and international scale, but personally I don’t believe I can truly complain about much.

When I think about the future…

I’ll be completing my 2nd year as a teacher! There are so many wonderful aspects of teaching, and I am so genuinely grateful that I live in a state that encourages educated individuals to transition into the field. Sometimes I feel a certain fear that I will burn out – the hours are long, the students can be challenging, the politics of it all are exhausting – and its hard for me to know I seriously I should take that. I look forward to seeing how I grow as a teacher during the Spring semester though! I can already see so many positive changes in myself, my classroom management, and my content knowledge skills!

Writing is important to me, and I want to do it more. I’ve committed to writing for goread.com (currently readerslegacy.com) to generate extra income and get into the groove of regularly writing. I’m looking into some writing conferences, and registered for a possible webinar or two to get my creative juices flowing. My personality is so suited to writing, and I truly do enjoy it. I hope to push myself to pursue it more deeply! I also have a novel brewing in my mind…but we shall see!

My PCOS is something I am taking a more active role in combatting – we’ve started an eating plan designed to diminish symptoms, and even visited a fertility specialist who started me on Metformin. Mixed feelings about the meds, but I feel good knowing we are taking steps to address the hormonal issues.

Of course I pray we will  be blessed with our own sweet baby one day, but I have a sense of God’s timing in it all, and I am the first to acknowledge that perhaps the last two years would not have been the easiest of times to experience a pregnancy and new born in. As long I have a sense of peace and God’s control, I can relax and let go of the insistent need to see something happen in *my time*.

Joe continues to work through school (maybe a 2018 graduation date?), as well as take on a great deal of extra responsibility at church due to the Sr. Pastor’s resignation. Hoping to see him enter into a new job that more fully encompasses his talents and abilities as well.

My word for the year is PURPOSEFUL.

I desire my eating and health habits to be filled with purpose.

I commit to taking my writing desires and interests and pursuing them purposefully.

I want to see my marriage benefit from purposeful interaction and communication.

I hope my future goals will be impacted by purposeful living today.

My word for the year is PURPOSEFUL.


School starts tomorrow you guys!

My room is mostly ready. My activities are somewhat prepared. Mentally I’m freaking out a tiny bit. 

But the kids are coming!! And I will be there with a smile and it will all work out 🙂

Hope for the Future

Sometimes, even when money is tight and you’re a little anxious about the new steps you’re taking and all the unknowns still coming your way, you still feel so much hope. 

Maybe most people think that’s no big deal, but I’ve had enough hopeless days and nights that the feeling of hope never ceases to delight me. 

Walk it Off

A couple things happening simultaneously:

It is HOT in Texas. Over a 100 and the index is even worst. 

So. Hot. 

I know I NEED to work out and get moving again. Especially now that I’m sitting through training every day and not moving much now at work. 

So. Much. Sitting.

BUT even though I’ve been low in motivation in the workout department in recent weeks, and even though it’s crazy hot, I have been getting out there and moving! The last three days in a row I’ve been out walking about three miles a day, and it feels great!

I definitely come back soaked in sweat and pretty wiped out, but in a good way!
Also, yesterday I got to go to th Dallas Arboretum with my previous camper Ashelyn! She was in the area for a wedding and we got to hang out for the afternoon, which was great. I’ve wanted to see the gardens for a long time, and after we got to hot we splashed in the fountain and sat with our feet in a pool to cool down. 


Becoming a Teacher

Teacher training started yesterday! Being with my  District and in Duncanville is so exciting!

 This process has stretched out so many months, it’s almost hard to believe it’s really happening now. Ready or not, students are coming!

Thinking I’ll need to get myself going into a good routine & schedule before the first day of school so I’m not super tired….training the next two weeks is 8-3:30 and class will be 9-4:30 so it’s helpful to get used to getting up at those times. 

More class…

Still in class; can hardly believe this is the last week! 

As exhausting as it has been (no free time, no blogging, no exercising) it’s been really good too. I might even miss it a little when it’s over 🙂

AND Joe is coming home a few days early and I’ll see him tomorrow!!

Course Change


A large and amazing change occurred yesterday. 

First things first – I had verbally accepted a position with Universal Academy, which I felt good about overall. They said they would get me a contract, and all I had to do to be official is sign the dotted line. 

Second – from day one my first choice school was Byrd MS in Duncanville ISD. I loved it when I did observations there, and it’s where I REALLY wanted to be. But they didn’t post any ELAR openings until after I had already accepted a position. 

Third – Byrd requested an interview from me, which I originally was going to reject BUT then I got my contract from UA and they wanted an extended contract with a $5,000 fine to me if I left early. I did NOT feel good about it. 

Fourth – I took the Byrd interview yesterday and ten minutes after I walked out the door they called and offered me a 7th grade ELAR position!!! The principal even called to congratulate me and tell me the team had raved about me!!

So I went from being annoyed it took UA 3 weeks to send a contract, to shocked at what was in their contract, to a spur of the mement interview at my dream school, to a new job offer!!!! This one feels so right and exactly what I had hoped for. 

Praise the Lord! 

Next up is some more reading and learning! Below are two books on my “wish list” that I found at Barnes & Nobles. 



Yesterday I saw an article about the semi colon tattoo. Yes, a ; tattoo. 

Afraid it was click bait, but curious just the same, I starting reading the article. Immediately I identified. The ; is meant as a symbol of solidarity, of raising awareness, of acknowledging choices made and thoughts had in hard times. 

The idea is simple. When writing, there is a place within a sentence where a writer could put a period and end the sentence. But sometimes the writer uses a semi colon instead, because they know they have more to say. 

It’s a rallying cry for those with mental health disorders, particularly depression and anxiety, and it’s a remembrance of hope, of the beauty implied in each persons “more to say”. It’s also a symbol of solidarity to express alongside those you love who may have had those experiences – an eternal belief that each soul had more to say. 

 If you think your sentence should end with a period today, think again! You, too, have more to say.